Hello Lilliputians, It’s me Gulliver

I love bargains. I come alive when street shopping. Therefore, it is but natural that I thrive when in India – going down the cramped streets, stopping at stores selling wares in shallow little stalls, talking my very best in regional language to stop myself from being duped by a shopkeeper charging me 200% more for a shirt. I never lose the battle and always come out on top. Except when getting those damn chappals (flip-flops).

Chappals. Pretty Mojris (heels). Sigh. Always approach them with the hope that maybe this time, I’ll win. Nope, I always lose. And not because my bargaining skills are somehow compromised.

I am Bigfoot reincarnated. I ask for the maximum size possible at a variety of stores (small and big). Excitedly, I slip my foot in. Stuck. My foot is half in and can go no further.

Ciao Commoner, You’re no Cinderella

Say both the shoe and the shop-owner.

I have been losing the shoe battle for 10 years straight (that’s when I started tracking). It’s not just with shoe size — my average American height of 5’6 too stands out like a sore thumb amidst cute Gujarati women.  And I am left with a hunch because I always have to bend due to low ceilings. OK – in that I exaggerate, but you get the point!


2 thoughts on “Hello Lilliputians, It’s me Gulliver

  1. Tanya: Aww! I love shopping in India too, I miss it soooooo much! I have big feet too..try asking for size 40-41 …usually it’s hard to find, but they have it. Ma wears a size 8 and uses size 40 and i use 42 ! soo goood luck!! sucks indian women are short 😦

    Amisha: I love being short and tiny! Cept I don’t buy shoes from India; I just don’t them as comfortable and also the nice and sparkly ones don’t last very long… somewhere down the road that beautiful gem is going to fall out and then a tear will slide down my cheek. Good Luck tough! Miss u Mucho!

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