Traveling towards the Orient

In a few hours, I will be boarding a plane here in India that will deliver me to Bangkok, Thailand by tomorrow morning. I am in a bit of a surreal mood – not entirely believing that I am setting out to do something that I’ve always dreamed of doing: taking a backpack, picking places on the map, and jetting off.

My itinerary is as follows: Bangkok, Thailand – Koh Samet (island beach), Thailand – Chiang Mai, Thailand ->> Vientiane, Laos – Vang Vieng, Laos – Luang Prabang, Laos ->> Siem Reap/Angor War, Cambodia – Phnom Pehn, Cambodia ->> Bangkok, Thailand

I tried, at first, to just go with the flow and not book any hotels until I decide what the next city on my route would be. However, the believer in itineraries and in making the most out of trips that I am, I couldn’t help but have this detail all ironed out.

I will try to capture through the power of the pen all that I see and experience. I am thoroughly psyched that I am exploring places that I have very little exposure to. We didn’t study these as diligently as we studied European and American histories in the classroom. Indochina was covered in the one chapter that concerned the Vietnam War. Pol Pot’s atrocities were never mentioned in my K-12 education while Hitler’s were drilled into us from grade school onwards. One wonders why this is so? Is it because the developed world is so self-centred that it only thinks about itself and how it was affected by the world?

Anyway, I have plenty of time to reflect on this. For now, I say Let the Journey Begin!


One thought on “Traveling towards the Orient

  1. self-centred or Self-centered?

    lol..I am just being an Ass!

    Enjoy your journey(s)!!

    I don’t think the western world is self-centered. We always highlight what affects us the most.

    In India, they tell you more about the atrocities of the British Raj than Hitler / Pol Pot / Stalin.

    Hence, I think extra focus on Hitler is understandable!

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