Blowing away the Gathered Dust

I had quite forgotten that I used to have another blog. That blog – still online – has some of my writings from my early 20s. I realized after reading bits and pieces of my own forgotten words just how much I reveled in writing. That love for the metaphorical pen & paper has not died down – but these days – it just requires a lot more discipline. A stricter regimen of sitting down and just frolicking with language, dancing with phrases, and crayoning with words. What it also requires is fuel – it is too hard to extract color in the mundane day-to-day but therein lies the challenge, no? Life cannot always all the time be about travel, about adrenaline rushes. Life, in fact, for the better part is about the day-to-day, that routine, that paying job. It is about sustaining a livelihood while also not forgetting to breathe. That too requires effort – to ensure that you spend your time equally with yourself as you do with your work. We all require introspection, we all need moments to tear our eyes away from our laptops and incessantly buzzing phones. Turn off that ping when at dinner with friends, plug off for even a half-hour to de-stress over the comical Mindy Project, use those public bus rides to pull out your journal to write down thoughts instead of work emails. Refresh. Recharge. Then get back on, start again – pouncing away on your laptop working once again.

For those curious, my earlier blog resides here: 


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